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Japan Society of Sonochemistry (JSS) has been established in 1992 as a non-profit organisation.
The society and its members are interested in the basic science and the application of ultrasound in chemistry and related fields (e.g. sonoluminescence, materials science, environmental science, medical application, biotechnology, etc.).
More than 100 persons join the society.

The society has a symposium annually, usually in autumn.

The International Symposium on Sonochemistry and Sonoprocessing 2007 was held at Kyoto Reserch Park on December 6, 2007, along with the 16th Annual Meeting of JSS.

The 20th Annual Meeting of JSS & The International Workshop on Advanced Sonochemistry was held at Nagoya University on November 2 | 4, 2011.

The JSS-Board currently consists of 19 members. The board has elected the president and the vice-president as below described.
The JSS welcomes not only specialists in sonochemistry but also scientists and engineers who have little experience in sonochemistry.
You can become a personal member. The Society has no restriction of the nationality for its members.

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The Board (2010--) :

Dr. Hideto Mitome (President)
Director of the Chubu Center,
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Dr. Yoshiyuki Asakura (vice-President)
Honda Electronics Co. Ltd.

Prof. Naoya Enomoto (vice-President)
Deptment of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering
Kyushu University

Prof. Mahito Atobe
Department of Environment and System Sciences
Yokohama National University

Dr. Yasuo Iida
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

Prof. Shin-Ichiro Umemura
Department of Electrical Communication Engineering
Tohoku University

Prof. Kenji Okitsu
Department of Materials Science
Osaka Prefecture University

Dr. Ken-ichi Kawabata
Central Research Institute
Hitachi, Ltd.

Prof. Takahide Kimura
Department of Chemistry
Shiga University of Medical Science

Prof. Shinobu Koda
Department of Molecular Design and Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering

Prof. Takaomi Kobayashi
Faculty of Engineering
Nagaoka University of Technology

Prof. Takashi Kondo
Department of Radiological Sciences
Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Toyama University

Prof. Pak-Kon Choi
Department of Physics
Graduate School of Science and Technology
Meiji University

Prof. Noriaki Shimizu
Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology,
Kanazawa University

Prof. Yasuomi Takizawa
CSC Development Laboratory
Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Gakugei University

Prof. Koichi Terasaka
Department of Applied Chemistry,
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Keio University

Prof. Shigeo Hayashi
Department of Applied Physics and Chemistry
University of Electro-Communications

Prof. Hisashi Harada
Department of Chemistry
College of Science and Engineering
Meisei University

Prof. Keiji Yasuda (Secretary)
Department of Chemical Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering
Nagoya University